Watch The Kiffness Sings “Ek Wil Tops Toe Gaan in Level 2” (Loslappie Lockdown Parody)

If you haven’t seen this yet, it sums up the South African mood as the country entered Lockdown Level 2 on Monday at midnight, and the ban on alcohol sales was lifted.

The Kiffness (aka David Scott) says: “My Trollie’s vol en ek gaan zol. Chorus translation for my non-Afrikaans speaking friends: I’m going to Tops (one of SA’s nationwide bottle stores) in Level 2, My trolley’s full & I’m going to smoke My beer is going tonight, I’m going to lie in late because Cyril says we can drink, Papi Gatvol: fed up.”

WATCH Ek Wil Tops Toe Gaan in level 2 (Loslappie Lockdown Paradoy) – The Kiffness

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