The Magnificent 5. Photo: The Animal Welfare Society of South Africa

Five young boys have been nicknamed ‘The Magnificent 5’ by the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa, after their caring rescue of a timid Labrador. The Animal Welfare Society (AWS) of South Africa – which offers a range of veterinary services to the underprivileged and disadvantaged communities of Cape Town – said the group of boys had knocked on their door for help on Wednesday.

“They looked as though they had just crossed the finish line of a marathon and won first prize as they, in between hurried breaths, excitedly took turns proudly explaining that they had found the dog lying in the bushes and went into great detail about the ingenious plan they hatched to help him,” said the Society in a post on Facebook.

The young friends at first whistled and called in the hope that the dog would stand up and follow them “but all this gentle old soul could manage was a tail wag”. So then the group got inspired to look for something to lever the dog up and lead him.

Two of the boys stood guard over their treasured find while the other three went in search of a make-shift collar and lead, said the AWS.

“Minutes later they were back with an old leather belt that they gently fitted around the dog’s neck. To their amazement, the dog stood up and they hurriedly began the arduous journey that took them along littered footpaths and busy roads.

The trip took them hours to complete and never once did any of them complain or consider giving up.

“These determined little ‘Iron Men’ were on a mission – to save their new best friend’s life,” says AWS.

The boys will be back to visit the Labrador today… and unknown to them, will be receiving a Heroes’ welcome from the AWS team, along with “more tail wags from this frosty old soul who for now can’t believe his good fortune”.

AWS says that as a token of their appreciation, “we will be rewarding their selfless act of kindness with a TEAM AWS SA T-shirt… but they deserve all of our love and it would be wonderful if we could raise enough money to buy them a new pair of shoes, a warm top and some food for them and their pets.”

If you’d like to help, please reference all donations Magnificent 5. Donations in kind are most welcome, says AWS.


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