gavel sentencing court Brian Albertus Baumann
Brian Albertus Baumann has been sentenced. Photo: Pixabay

Former Cape Town attorney, Brian Albertus Baumann (53), was yesterday sentenced to 12 years imprisonment by the Specialised Commercial Crimes Court in Bellville on sixteen (16) counts of fraud worth over R24 million.

During the period between January 2018 and December 2019, Baumann practised as an attorney in Bellville, South Africa, under the name BA Baumann Attorneys and submitted various claims on behalf of victims against the Road Accident Fund (RAF).

Baumann was arrested on 13 February 2020 following the Hawks Commercial Crime Investigation uncovering that he helped himself to RAF pay-outs which were due to his clients.

According to a HAWKS statement, Baumann entered into a plea and sentence agreement where he was found guilty on multiple charges of fraud. The Hawks said: “Baumann was sentenced to 12 years direct imprisonment. Additionally, the court ordered an inquiry to determine the amount of the confiscation order.”