KLM Reduces Flights Between South Africa and Amsterdam
KLM Reduces Flights Between South Africa and Amsterdam. Photo: KLM

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has announced with “great disappointment” that it has taken the difficult decision to reduce its operations from South Africa to Amsterdam with effect from 13 December 2020. UPDATE 16 December: KLM resumes planned flights after SA authorities revise air crew regulations.

KLM said in a statement on Friday:

“On 3 December 2020, new regulations have been issued by the South African authorities, which changed the entry requirements for airline crew travelling into the country on international flights.

“Despite being given a 7-day grace period by the South African authorities in order to adjust our operations to these new requirements, it proves extremely difficult for KLM to maintain the same flight program for both Passenger and Cargo flights to and from South Africa.”

The airline said it “deeply regrets and apologises for the inconvenience these cancellations” will cause. All passengers on the affected flights will be contacted and re-booked on alternative flights, said KLM.

KLM reiterated its support for South Africa, saying it “remains committed to work within the rules and regulations of South Africa whilst serving the country during the pandemic; contributing to the economic recovery in South Africa and ensuring that health and safety on board their aircraft is held to the highest standard.”

Please check latest flight info for the December schedule for South Africa flights on KLM’s website here