Bryony McCormick and Khaya, adopted dog Khayelitsha animal clinic
Image Credit: Claudia Pearce

Bryony McCormick didn’t mean to adopt Khaya, but she couldn’t get the friendly black and white ‘pavement special’ out of her mind… and today, Khaya is bringing so much joy to not only Bryony but also to a Cape Town trail running community called Chicks Who Trail. And now, Khaya has become a mascot for the animal clinic too to help them through the difficult times of Covid-19.

Bryony says: “I attended a kennel building event at Mdzananda for Madiba day. I wasn’t planning on adopting a dog – I just wanted to say hi to the shelter pets – and this little thing came bounding over all the dogs, lifted up her paws and scratched my face from forehead to chin. That was our meeting. Two weeks later I couldn’t get her out of my mind and I brought her home.”

Bryony McCormick and Khaya
Bryony McCormick and Khaya. Image Credit: Claudia Pearce

Today Khaya joins all the Chicks Who Trail runs. “Every week she goes and greets everybody with her ears back. She’s always happy to see everyone. Happiness is 100% what she brings to this group.”

Happiness is 100% what she brings to this group

Bryony heard of Mdzananda’s challenges during Covid-19. They lost funding, were robbed three times, were hijacked twice and are losing monthly donors due to hard times. She signed up as a Paw Member and committed to donating R100 per month. She then took it upon herself and Khaya to encourage all runners, especially those running with rescue dogs, to sign up as Paw Members.

A heartwarming and inspiring video was compiled featuring Bryony and Khaya and the adventures they have been on. Watch below as Bryony speaks about her experience of adopting a Mdzananda dog and why she supports the work they do.

Marcelle du Plessis, Fundraising and Communications Manager, says:

“Our organisation serves up to 1000 community pets per month that would otherwise have little to no access to veterinary services. We help find homes for stray pets and have a strong focus on community empowerment and education to ensure for responsible pet ownership into the future.”

Du Plessis says that Covid-19 has brought many challenges. They hope to have 1000 Paw Members sign up, each donating R100 (or whatever they can afford) per month. To date 610 members have already signed up.

“We have nearly reached our goal to ease lockdown struggles and hope another 290 members will open up their hearts to township pets.”

WATCH Bryony and Khaya’s video:

To sign up as a Paw Member, visit, email or visit their website at to find out more.

“I hope that my video will inspire runners and animal lovers to sign up as Paw Members so that the Clinic can help more community pets,” says McCormick.