Pride for Zulu Nation as New King Is Named: Prince Misuzulu Zulu
Pride for Zulu Nation as New King Is Named: Prince Misuzulu Zulu. Photo: YouTube screenshot

Despite reports of chaos, sounds of gunshots and the South African Police Service being called, there appears to be an over-riding sense of celebration and unity amongst the Zulu nation after Prince Misuzulu Zulu (46) was last night announced as the successor to the late Zulu King, King Goodwill Zwelithini ka Bhekuzulu (72), who passed away on 12 March 2021. The royal family has today pledged its support and loyalty to the new King.

A Zulu businessman in Gauteng reflected: “I am somehow proud of my ZULU monarchy and my nation at this moment. Regardless of this drama that happened (my ‘zulu people are dramatic ?), this is a historic moment.

“The moment when the praise singer positively explained this day was deep. He didn’t focus on the drama.

“Thank God for one to have lived through the transition from apartheid to democracy and witnessing the appointment of a new ZULU king. A story for our grandchildren… And It Rained… ?”

He added: “SIDENOTE – NOW I understand why the British people were so protective of their royal family after the Oprah Meghan interview. Whether their outrage was misplaced or not… They love the royal family coz it represents their history as the English. Doesn’t matter what other nations think or whatever wrongs they have committed to other nations. Those are side issues.”

Announcement of new Zulu King

The announcement of Prince Misuzulu as successor to the throne was made after the Zulu Queen – Her Majesty Queen Shiyiwe Mantfombi Dlamini Zulu (65) – was laid to rest on Friday night, 7 May 2021. The Queen had stepped in as the interim Regent of the Zulu nation following the King’s death, but had sadly herself died on 29 April after being ill for some time.

The Queen’s Final Will – and the announcement that her son (the King’s eldest son) would be successor to the throne – was read out in front of the Royal Family, live on nationwide television, in an unprecedented move.

Her letter, dated 23 March 2021, had been sent to the Zulu nation’s traditional prime minister, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi. In the letter, the Queen says her proposal is subject to the family’s approval.

Buthelezi last night reminded South Africans that the Zulu nation is still in mourning for the King who died just under two months ago.

Praise for Buthelezi

Simon Grindrod tweeted respect to Buthelezi for his “invaluable service to our nation” after his handling of the momentous occasion. Grindrod said: “A wise elder, his steady counsel is often unseen, but beyond value. A Statesman. A giant among the political pygmies of modern politics. Salute.”

The EFF echoed these sentiments in a statement on Saturday voicing its appreciation of the “guidance and wisdom” displayed by Buthelezi in helping ensure everything was done according to Zulu traditions. The EFF said it believes Prince Misuzulu is the rightful and correct Heir to the throne “in both the Zulu tradition and by law”, and said he has their full support.

Observers report there is overwhelming support for Prince Misuzulu amongst the Zulu nation too.

The EFF said: “As his name (Misuzulu) suggests the ‘one who will strengthen the Zulu nation’, we are confident that he will be able to pick up the baton from his late father and continue to lead the Zulu nation with humility and dignity.”

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Prince Buthelezi says the royal family has supported the decision and pledged their unified loyalty, and as far as the Zulu nation is concerned the King is now already on his throne. He said the new King will probably take a week to collect his belongings from eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) to move into the palace. Buthelezi said he was “not born yesterday” and he is aware that some individuals approached the court a few days ago to contest the Queen’s interim role and subsequent selection of the Prince. However, he  reiterated that key members of the royal family have pledged their support.

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