VIDEO Ozzy Man Reviews: Worst Looter Ever South Africa
VIDEO Ozzy Man Reviews: Worst Looter Ever

Ozzy Man, the Australian reviewer who has become famous worldwide for his pull-no-punches reviews of just about anything (and always packed with swear words) has delivered the following classic about a hapless looter during the recent looting spree in South Africa.

In typical Ozzy Man style, the review is a “bloody tellin’ it straight, no bullsh*t” observation.

The video has already amassed over 1.1 million views in less than two days on YouTube alone. Due to the sensitive nature of the sh*tstorm (as Ozzy puts it), he has voluntarily de-monetised the video. (Over 200 people tragically died during the violent protests.)

Ozzy, who posted this a couple of days in the thick of it, said: “Sincerely hope the situation settles down in SA soon, keen to hear from people over there what it’s like at the moment.”

YouTube user Buhle Makhoba said: “As a South African… This is why it’s important to give your kids puzzle boxes”, and Dingole Ntsoane said “as a South African, I’m crying and laughing… I’m craughing!” He added: “We’re not all like this.”

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