Hard-Hitting South African Video Anthony George Kirkwood
Hard-Hitting South African Video, Purge South Africa, by filmmaker Anthony George Kirkwood

Purge South Africa is an incredibly hard video to watch. Disturbing. Upsetting. But it’s important, and going viral. It’s what happened in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It’s the harsh reality of what paramedics, police, shop owners, community members and ordinary South Africans faced. Filmmaker Anthony George Kirkwood has bravely and brilliantly filmed the July 2021 events that tore our hearts apart. (Watch the video on YouTube here.)

Anthony says: “The week from hell. No one could train you for what we have witnessed on the frontline. Those on the frontline all knew the presence of each other, it was enough to understand we were not going to back down from this Zuma fraction.

“The week we did not back down. The week we were willing to die for our country.”

“Lack of sleep, camaraderie, dead bodies, being shot at, this was the taste of war. There was no time to think about tomorrow or next week. From Cato Ridge to Central Durban, just pure adrenaline for days on end.

Anthony George Kirwood
Filmmaker Anthony George Kirkwood. Image taken at Massmart Distribution centre in Queen Nandi drive, Durban. Photo by Darren Chambers.

“The week we did not back down. The week we were willing to die for our country.”


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