Dogs Poisoned by Crystal Meth in Cape Town, Reveals UK Celebrity Michaela Strachan
Dogs Poisoned by Crystal Meth in Cape Town, Reveals UK Celebrity Michaela Strachan. Photo: BANG Showbiz and Twitter/ Michaela Strachan

UK celebrity Michaela Strachan says her dogs were poisoned by crystal meth in Cape Town, South Africa, where she is based… and they are apparently not the first dogs to overdose on Tik.

Michaela Strachan's dogs poisoned by crystal meth
Michaela Strachan says her dogs were poisoned by Chrystal Meth (Tik) in SA. See photos below. PHOTO: BANG Showbiz

The 55-year-old TV presenter, who has been living in South Africa since 2002, said she had to rush her pet pooches Rio and Timmy to the vet when they could barely stand up after a walk in Cape Town.

The ‘Springwatch’ co-host thinks her canines may have overdosed on the drug, known as Tik in South Africa, after they ate some human faeces of a homeless drug addict.

She wrote on Instagram:

“It’s been a rough night. After walking my dogs through a ruined fort on the mountain yesterday, a few hours later they looked like they were both having seizures and couldn’t stand up. We rushed them to the vet and she recognised the symptoms as an overdose of a drug called Tik, Crystal meth, apparently the ruined fort is where a lot of homeless people hang out and take tik so the dogs must’ve eaten human poo with tik in it! (sic)”

The former ‘Really Wild Show’ presenter nursed her dogs throughout the night as they woke up “confused, disorientated, paranoid and spaced out”. She added:

“Extraordinarily The vet has come across the problem before. Spent the night nursing them through their hectic trips as they shook, twitched, vomitted and peed. Waking up confused, disorientated, paranoid and spaced out. Fortunately they seem to be through the worst of it this morning. Seriously, you couldn’t make it up! (sic)”

But, fortunately, the canines were later “back to their old selves”.

She shared a video of the pooches on the beach yesterday, writing:

“Rio and Timmy on the beach and back to their old selves. Tails wagging, noses wet, tongues out and chasing seaweed. Seemingly none the worse for their guest appearance in Breaking Bad! Thank you for all your comments and support. Weird experience!! (sic)”