death of penguins carte blanche
The mystery case of the dead African Penguiins. Image: youtube

You can watch Carte Blanche on Sunday 10 October in South Africa on DStv Now or stream it overseas in most countries from Tuesday 12 October if you live abroad (in most countries). Here are this week’s must-watch topics:

The Mysterious Case of Dead African Penguins

Penguins are an endangered species spending most of their days looking after their young, hunting for food and sunbathing – they are known to be peaceful animals. So, when 63 African Penguins were found dead in their colony in Simon’s Town, researchers had a mystery on their hands. Their only clue: a handful of dead Cape honeybees at the scene of this tragic killing. It’s a rare event, but could a swarm of bees really be the cause of death? What made them attack the penguins? Carte Blanche investigates. One expert tells the show: “This kind of attack from honeybees can only happen when their home is threatened.” Was this just a freak accident… or a sign of things to come? Find out this week on Carte Blanche: Watch the show overseas | Watch in SA on DStv Now

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“Over the last few years, Carte Blanche has intentionally set out to become part of the solution to some of the problems facing our community. With the help of like-minded donors and collaborators, our Making A Difference Trust has been able to save and improve the lives of sick children across South Africa. I’m proud that our legacy as a TV show is not just about uncovering and detailing the difficulties facing our people every day, but that we’re actually doing something about it.” – Claire Mawisa

Making A Difference in Sebokeng

For 13 years and, together with its generous partners and donors, the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust has managed to make light work of building and capacitating critical care facilities for children in 11 state hospitals in South Africa. Through this process, thousands of young lives in the country have been assisted. Now, the Trust has embarked on yet another ambitious project by adding a brand new Lower-High Care Unit at the Sebokeng Regional Hospital in Gauteng – once again making a difference in those families living in a struggling community. (Producer: Sasha Schwendenwein | Presenter: Claire Mawisa)

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North West Province – In Debt and In Disarray

“As we prepare to head to the polls, Carte Blanche is hitting the road.  We’re heading to four often neglected corners of the country, ignoring the sloganeering, and casting aside the hefty party manifestos as we show you what is truly at stake on the 1st of November: a vote for the people whose policies most directly impact our daily lives. And, often, not for the better,” says executive producer John Webb.

Elections North West Carte Blanche
Image: youtube

It’s that time again: South Africa’s political parties are rolling up their sleeves and hitting the campaign trail as they try to win your votes in the local government elections. But in the North West, many potential voters are disillusioned and angry as the infrastructure in almost every town buckles from neglect, and service delivery is often non-existent. This Sunday, Masa Kekana will be crossing live from Rustenburg as we take you inside some of the province’s worst-performing municipalities. (Producer: Siniketiwe Hlanze | Presenter: Masa Kekana)

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SASRIA: Counting the Looting Costs

sasria buckles carte blanche
Image: youtube

In July this year, when looters in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng were stealing from every store and mall and destroying almost every business they came across, it was inevitable that, in the end, someone would have to pay for the damage. Now the time has come, and National Treasury is having to cough up an additional R3.9 billion to help SASRIA, the state-owned insurance association and the country’s only business insurer against unrest and riots, to payout just some of what it owes its clients. (Producer: Joy Summers | Presenter: Derek Watts | Camera: Duncan Grant)

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