Lamola Condemns Attack on Constitutional Court
Constitutional Court. Photo: SA News

The Minister of Justice and Correctional Service, Ronald Lamola, has strongly condemned the attack on the Constitutional Court buildings on Wednesday morning.

This comes after a 36-year-old suspect allegedly went on a rampage and smashed windows using a hammer at the highest court in the land in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

It was reported that the man continued to break the windows even after the police fired warning shots in a bid to stop him when they arrived at the scene.

Reacting to the incident, Lamola said the Constitutional Court is a powerful symbol of the country’s constitutional dispensation and rule of law.

“Attacks on the Constitutional Court – or any other of our democratic institutions for that matter – is attacking democracy and what it represents.”

The Minister described the site of the Constitutional Court as a historic landmark that represents the struggle for freedom.

“It was specifically designed to reflect the values of our constitutional democracy and Nelson Mandela himself called the building a beacon of light, a symbol of hope and celebration.”

According to reports, the suspect is currently detained and expected to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. –