martin kennedy carte blanche
Martin Kennedy murder mystery. What happened in the final days of his life? Image Credit: youtube

You can watch Carte Blanche on Sunday 23 January in South Africa on DStv Now or stream it overseas in most countries from 25 January if you’re abroad. Here’s a breakdown of this week’s offerings from the current affairs show:

Valkenberg Murder Mystery

What happened in the final days and hours of Martin Kennedy’s life? A fit and physically strong young man, Kennedy suffered a psychiatric breakdown and was admitted to a specialised psychiatric hospital in Cape Town. Within weeks of his hospitalisation, Kennedy was dead – allegedly at the hands of a fellow patient. But why has the family been closed out of the ongoing investigation? (Producer: Liz Fish | Presenter: Masa Kekana)

Presenter Masa Kekana says: “When you send your loved one to a psychiatric hospital for much-needed help, you do so out of love and deep concern. The last thing you would expect is that your vulnerable loved one could be harmed – or worse, murdered…”

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Trick or Treat?

trickster or treater carte blanche
Image Credit: youtube

She appears on the frontlines as the champion of several underdog causes. From assisting drought-stricken farmers, to protesting for human rights – she uses highly charged campaigns to entice her dedicated followers to open their hearts and their wallets. Now, Carte Blanche investigates claims that Debbie Els is in fact a serial opportunist, milking the limelight and people’s good intentions for her own personal gain. (Producer: Stenette Grosskopf | Presenter: Derek Watts)

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Simply Ginius!

elephant dung carte blanche
Image Credit: youtube

Versatile, affordable and available in a dazzling array of gemlike colours, gin tops the growing craft spirits movement as the new “it” drink. Increasingly, brands are slugging it out to make it big in an influencer-driven industry. And they don’t come much bigger than elephants and their equally impressive dung.  Carte Blanche joins the forage for the unconventional main ingredient in a proudly South African export product. (Producer: Ntokozo Sindane | Presenter: Claire Mawisa) 

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Born Small

born small carte blanche
Image Credit: youtube

Born with Achondroplasia, a type of dwarfism, Casper is an otherwise happy baby. Every day, he’s injected with a drug that could change his life… Since birth, he’s been part of a global clinical trial of a drug that might boost growth in children born with dwarfism. Dateline Australia explores the controversy that’s erupted around the trial that has the short stature community deeply divided. (Producer: Dateline, SBS Australia)

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