nsri assists family dog

NSRI Wilderness, who are used to rescuing locals and tourists of the human kind, didn’t hesitate to dispatch a team to Kleinkranz Beach (in Wilderness, South Africa) when they received a cry for help for a family dog, Rex, that had collapsed on the beach.

Mike Vonk, NSRI Wilderness station commander, said a family had been taking a walk on the beach with their four dogs when Rex collapsed.

“A fair distance from the car park, the local husband and wife, who have not lived in the area for very long, reached out to The Barnyard Kennels for advice. Staff at the kennels suggested calling NSRI,” said Vonk.

On receiving the call, the crew was activated without a moment’s hesitation, and an NSRI vehicle responded.

“On arrival on the scene the elderly dog, suffering a long term illness and unable to continue on their walk, was assessed and in a stable condition,” said Vonk. “The dog was secured into our Stokes basket stretcher and, assisted by the family, we hiked carrying Rex in the stretcher to the car park.”

Rex’s owners were extremely grateful for the assistance, and according to the NSRI – the “other three dogs displayed visible concern for their ill family member. The compassion displayed was heartfelt by all involved.”

The family took Rex to a local Vet who treated him with medications and while the dog’s long term illness appears to be the cause of Rex collapsing on the beach, the family took Rex home to be with them for comfort and care.

By Sunday morning, the NSRI said they had heard that Rex is comfortable at home and showing signs of recovery.

“We are all hopeful that Rex fully pulls through to live a longer life with his loving family,” said the NSRI.

Source: www.nsri.org.za