4 Massive Lions Create Coolest Traffic Jam Ever, in Kruger National Park, South Africa
4 Massive Lions Create Coolest Traffic Jam Ever, in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Photo: FB Video screenshot

Four massive male lions – including a white one – caused a massive traffic jam in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. Watch below. It has to be the coolest traffic jam ever… as the four lions stroll down the middle of the road, heads held high with total confidence and disregard for the waiting tourists.

The awesome sight was captured on video by SA safari guide, tourist guide and wildlife photographer Rodney Nombekana – from Nombekana Safaris and Wildlife Photography.

Rodney’s photos and videos have been featured around the world in publications like Kruger Magazine and Daily Mail, and on National Geographic Channel and CNN International. Rodney’s on a mission to “inspire people to fall in love with our natural world and eventually play a vital part in conservation” to save it for current and future generations.

The traffic jam video has been liked by over a quarter of a million social media users…

WATCH Four massive male lions including a white one cause traffic jam in Kruger National Park

To the critics who said it’s sad the lions are surrounded by so many cars, so many humans etc., Nombekana kindly explained:

“While everyone here loves these beautiful animals I can assure you that we also do. The Kruger National Park is a beautiful park with a lot of biodiversity. It is also one of the biggest parks in the world. With this in mind it has visitors from all over the world that come and visit it. The animals are not caged and are free to walk wherever they please. Roads in the park only form a very small part . Kruger is a massive park and this very video was taken just outside the camp on the main road and lions were on the road and cars started to pile up.”

He assured the critics, who’ve never visited the Kruger, that there are many places in the park with no humans; that there is a quota system for the number of vehicles allowed into the park each day. He also encouraged people to watch more of his videos where you can see there are no other cars or people. Just wildlife. Follow Nombekana Safaris here.

Nombekana pointed out that the Kruger lost a lot of revenue during the pandemic, and that the many people working there – from biologists to pilots and veterinarians, guides to maintenance staff – depend on eco tourism.

“Everything has to be done in Balance make sure that our parks will continue to survive for future generations. Thank you so much ??❤️?????????????” he said.

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