SA Home Affairs Deports Lithuanian Actress Ieva Andrejevaite
SA Home Affairs Deports Lithuanian Actress Ieva Andrejevaite. Photo: FB / Ieva Andrejevaite

The Department of Home Affairs has deported Lithuanian actress Ieva Andrejevaite after they say she sought to “abuse” South Africa’s refugee management regime, by fabricating a story of wanting to apply for asylum because of the war in Ukraine.

According to the department, Andrejevaite arrived at Cape Town International Airport in a private jet, without a visa, on 28 April.

“Immigration officers rightly refused her entry,” says Ministry spokesperson, Siya Qoza. “After that refusal of entry, she then lied to immigration officials, making up a story of wanting to apply for asylum.

“As a result of our asylum seeker laws, immigration officials’ hands were tied and they were required to let her into the country so that she could apply for asylum within five days. She was duly issued with an asylum seeker visa in terms of the Immigration Act 13 of 2002.”

Qoza said at no stage, during her stay in the country, did Andrejevaite attempt to apply for asylum. (Andrejevaite is not even from Ukraine. She was born in Russia, grew up in Vilnius, Lithuania; and is now based in London, according to her IMDB profile.)

After the five-day period lapsed, she officially became an ‘illegal foreigner’.

Instead of applying for asylum, “images of her attending a party in Cape Town, hosted by (billionaire businessman) Rob Hersov, surfaced on numerous publications and social media platforms.

“Andrejevaite subsequently launched ill-advised legal proceedings in the Western Cape High Court under case number 5268/2022, wherein she made further disparaging comments about South Africa, the Department of Home Affairs and its immigration officials. She also lied under oath as parts of her founding affidavit were clearly fabricated,” says Qoza.

The department opposed the application and exposed her lies in her affidavit.

Once served with the department’s opposing papers, Qoza says Andrejevaite realised that she had lied to the immigration officials and then to the High Court and could face criminal charges over and above the consequences and embarrassment stemming from her High Court application.

On 2 June 2022, the Western Cape High Court ordered Andrejevaite to apologise to South Africans, the Home Affairs Minister and the Department of Home Affairs officials.

She made a formal apology to all the listed parties on the same day.

“Andrejevaite has also formally withdrawn her ill-fated application after accepting that she had lied in it and agreed to pay the costs incurred by the department, which opposed the farcical application,” said the department.

Home Affairs Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi, has instructed the department to expeditiously recover all funds due to the State as a result of Andrejevaite’s bogus application.

“I am extremely happy that our immigration officers implement the laws of the country without fear or favour,” said Minister Motsoaledi.

Andrejevaite was formally processed for deportation on 05 June 2022 and declared an undesirable person by immigration officials. She is now prohibited from visiting South Africa for a period of five years; and can only visit the country again after submitting a representation, for consideration, to the Department for the up-liftment of her undesirable status. –

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