Like darkness through the winter nights so are the days of our lives, says Nando’s who’ve just done it again with a brilliant and hilarious video that captures the current mood in South Africa where load-shedding (power cuts) have become more regular lately.

Fortunately “⏳Mara there’s a Bright Side at Nando’s.🔥” The super-successful South African peri-peri chicken outlet – which has become so famous abroad the Brits think it’s theirs – has come up with a fantastic way to lighten the load for South Africans and almost, almost, make residents look forward to the power cuts!

All you need to do is order a full chicken on the Nando’s app, and you get free sides that match the load shedding stage the country is on. So Stage 2 means two free sides, Stage 3 three free sides. “We bet you can’t wait for stage four now,” jokes Nando’s.

The company says: “Let’s face it, we’re going through the most. From petrol prices higher than a 100m flag pole to leadership being investigated waya waya and not to mention our national treasure, load shedding.”

But you can relax… even rejoice! “There’s no need to go digging under game farm mattresses or starting a flag company to make some extra cash. With Nando’s Brightside we save you the trouble of saving so you can focus on getting hold of some matches or a torch.

“We’ll have you excited for load shedding. You know the saying, there’s a bright side to everything and that includes load shedding. Now imagine if we ran the country. So the next time the lights go off, light a candle and get ready to dig in!”

WATCH Nando’s bright sides to load shedding