Fatima Issa has tragically died while on holiday in South Africa. Photo: FB

A mother-of-four, Fatima Issa, from Leicester in the UK, was shot dead in a horrific accident while visiting relatives on a dream holiday to South Africa.

Fatima, 47, had flown out to SA with her daughter to spend a break in the sun with family she had not seen for years.

But after a joyous reunion, while staying at the residence in the gated Meyersal View Estate in Johannesburg, she was the victim of a freak accident.

Anti-crime campaigner Yusuf Abramjee – who is renowned for his impeccable police sources – revealed how the fun-loving teacher was shot dead.

Abramjee said a relative who was cleaning a gun, appears to have forgotten that it was loaded. While he inspected and cleaned the revolver, he allegedly accidentally pulled the trigger and a 9mm round hit Fatima at point blank range.

Paramedics raced to the shocking scene and tried desperately to save stricken Fatima, but she succumbed to the bullet wound.

Last night her brother Ebrahim Lambat confirmed her death on Facebook saying: “Request duas for my sister Fatima Issa. She has returned to the mercy of Allah.”

Fatima's brother Ebrahim Lambat who broke the news of his sister's death on Facebook
Fatima’s brother Ebrahim Lambat who broke the news of his sister’s death on Facebook. Photo: FB

A South African Police spokesman said they could not comment as it was too early, but confirmed a full investigation is underway.

Fatima had flown to Johannesburg to see her brother Ebrahim, and other family members, with her daughter Humairah, 19.

Fatima’s distraught husband Fayaz, 47, is believed to be flying out with son Huzaifah, 21, to meet up with the police investigating the tragedy. Fatima and Fayaz had visited South Africa before.

Fatima and husband in Cape Town
Fatima and her husband on a previous visit to Cape Town, South Africa, in 2014. Photo: FB

Fatima’s grieving fellow teachers at The City of Leicester College in England have expressed their “shock and sadness” after learning of her death.

Their Facebook post read: “Everyone at the TCOLC is deeply shocked and saddened to hear about the tragic passing of our colleague and friend Fatima Issa. We all wish her family courage and peace during this time.”

Fatima tries her hand at archery
Fatima trying her hand at archery, 2021. Photo: FB

Johannesburg is known as the crime capital of South Africa, with many residents living in gated communities with guards and electric fences.

With 58 murders and 150 rapes a day in South Africa and countless armed robberies and car hijackings, it is not unusual for locals, like Fatima’s relative, to possess a firearm as a means of protection.

Fatima will be buried at Avalon Cemetery in Johannesburg.

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