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Load shedding to continue for the rest of the week Photo: Scop.io by Sakhile Mthabela

Eskom has announced that Stage 1 and 2 load shedding will be implemented for the rest of this week.

Stage 1 load shedding will be implemented every day from 5am until 4pm with Stage 2 then taking effect from 4pm until 5am.

“The increase in load shedding is mainly due to the need to preserve emergency generation reserves, the delay in returning four generating units to service while many running units are operating at reduced capacity due to technical faults.

“Eskom will publish a further update as soon as there are any significant changes. Load shedding is implemented only as a last resort in view of the shortage of generation capacity and the need to attend to breakdowns,” Eskom said.

The power producer explained that generating units at its power stations are putting the power grid under pressure.

“The delay in the return of two generating units at Camden, one unit each at Kendal and Matimba power stations have contributed to the generation capacity shortages,” Eskom said.

By Tuesday, some 14 499MW of energy was unavailable due to breakdowns coupled with a further 3945MW offline due to maintenance.

Study into the decommissioning of Komati

Meanwhile, Eskom is inviting comments on the “socio-economic impact study for shutdown and repurposing” of the now decommissioned Komati Power Station.

The power station was decommissioned on Monday after serving the public for over than 60 years.

“In January 2020, following a strict procurement process, Eskom awarded Urban-Econ Development Economists a contract to undertake a socio-economic impact study on the planned shutdown and repurposing of the aged Komati, Hendrina and Grootvlei coal-fired power stations located in Mpumalanga.

“This study was undertaken proactively to assess the prevailing socio-economic conditions within the immediate and greater Mpumalanga area and to develop mitigation measures to reduce the potential negative social and economic impacts that could ensue from the shutdown of these three power stations,” Eskom said.

The power utility said the study related to Komati Power Station has been completed and the report has proposed mitigation strategies for the identified impacts and solutions for repurposing the power station.

“The proposed solutions are multifaceted and seek to mitigate the effects on Eskom, the community and the economy through reskilling and upskilling of Komati Power Station’s staff and qualifying beneficiaries from the surrounding communities, and the development of local enterprises and value chains to support the overall JET strategy,” Eskom said.

The report can be accessed on https://www.eskom.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Komati_SEIA_Final_Integrated_Report_October_2022.pdf

Comments can be submitted by 18 November via email on social@urban-econ.com or sent via Whatsapp on +27 60 978 8396. – SAnews.gov.za