Eskom's Andre de Ruyter. Photo: Twitter / Great Zulu

Amidst ever-worsening load-shedding (planned power cuts) in South Africa which have devastated the economy and dampened the spirit of the nation, Eskom’s CEO André de Ruyter has reportedly resigned. Many suspect he was pushed.

Ghaleb Cachalia – DA Shadow Minister of Public Enterprises – says:

“André de Ruyter’s apparent sudden resignation as the CEO of Eskom is a reflection on Gwede Mantashe’s relentless campaign against a man who despite having one hand tied behind his back as he battled to get the utility on track – fighting corruption, debilitating policies and political interference – conducted a dutiful and responsible effort at the discharging of his duties.

“Clearly his minister, Pravin Gordhan is powerless in the face of Mantashe and many in the RET faction who have been baying for his blood.

“Yet again the factional shenanigans of the ANC are spilling over into the efficient running of key utilities and the results will be more than dire. At a time when de Ruyter needed all the support he could muster and a free hand to deal with the most pressing challenge facing the country, he has been sacrificed at the altar of political expediency, factionalism and racism.”

Cachalia said in a statement on Wednesday: “The DA condemns this thinly-veiled “resignation” and repeats its call for bold emergency action to be taken to fix the ever-increasing problem of loadshedding. It’s time for a ring-fenced sate of disaster to be declared around Eskom, governed independently by a panel of experts that ideally should include the former CEO who knows more than most what bedevils Eskom.”

Columnist: Nick Hedley tweeted: “I have no opinion on Andre de Ruyter because he has no track record at Eskom to speak of. What I do know is that a new CEO won’t solve Eskom’s problems. Half of Eskom’s ancient coal fleet is a write-off, and government has done f*ck all to add new generation capacity.”

ESKOM loadshedding jokes
One of many ESKOM loadshedding jokes in South Africa.

According to Carte Blanche, it is believed “board chair, Mpho Makwana, will be taking over from Andre de Ruyter as Eskom CEO”. (You can stay up to date with SA news by watching Carte Blanche on Showmax if you live abroad, in most countries.)