South African woman admits: 'I didn't return my grocery cart'
South African woman admits: 'I didn't return my grocery cart'. Photo: FB / Samantha Jacobs

Samantha Jacobs is becoming well known on social media for her honest opinions on the current state of South Africa, the world, and just life in general. Here’s her latest admission – she doesn’t always return her shopping trolley:

I didn’t return my grocery cart.
I am mentioning it since a meme on Facebook has decided that this is the ultimate test of humanity.
I mostly do, but sometimes when I’m overwhelmed I can’t make it to the door.
Instead I lift the front wheels up, along with the big load that I am carrying and hook it onto a cement border edging a tree.
“Sorry, sorry, sorry” I know I should return it but I just can’t.
At times I am scared to offload my groceries in the car, watch my bag, back and cellphone. Sometimes I am in a rush. Sometimes it’s 18:30 and I’m buying my dinner. So sometimes I don’t return my grocery cart.
Sometimes I don’t brush my hair enough, tuck in my shirt, I wake up late, yet went to bed early but still it wasn’t enough – sometimes I don’t make my bed, eat breakfast, instead I run out the house and race to work so no, sometimes I don’t return my grocery cart.
Sometimes I have no cash and will buy a coke, a pie or whatever I can grab when I remember, so on occasion I don’t tip the car guard. And I don’t return my grocery cart.
Some days I have R5 for the car guard, I have on occasion had a great month and I have managed to give R50 or R100 and watched with great delight the big smile on the receiving end.
“God bless sissie” shew at least they didn’t call me mommy, or tannie. Please let me just be sissie for a while longer.
“Pleasure…” and I hope for just a while I make up for the fact that I didn’t return my grocery cart.
Sometimes I show up, perform well, ace the day,
remember a birthday, manage to call, wrap a gift and other times, just like when I’m not able to return my grocery cart – I don’t manage any of it, not even a little bit, not even at all.
On occasion my step children have gone to school with lunch worthy of Master Chef and other times I have had to EFT the tuck shop, because just like the grocery cart I just didn’t manage.
I shop a lot, can’t buy for the week, juggle many balls in the air and wear many hats. Sometimes I return my grocery cart, use that blue wipey thing and even return it cleaned, I help get 55 trolleys unstuck as they seemed super glued together often on a Wednesday at the delight of so many little old ladies.
“Bless you dear” and I hope they know I’m not the same person who didn’t return a grocery cart and parked it under a tree.
I find myself so often in the midst of the great divide – often outdoing myself and then other times not even returning my grocery cart.
It seems it all depends on the day, the time, the weather, my safety, head space, hair, blue wipey thingie and level of hunger.
Above all I hope I am not judged for not returning a grocery cart.

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‘I didn’t return my grocery cart’ is republished on SAPeople with Samantha Jacobs’ kind permission. The original can be found here

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