SONA 2023
With the SONA 2023 taking place later today, Members of Parliament have been asked to DRESS DOWN and respect ordinary South Africans. Photo: SA Parliament/ Cape Talk/ Twitter

With the State of the National Address (SONA 2023) taking place later today, Thursday, 9 February, Members of Parliament (MPs) have been asked to DRESS DOWN and respect ordinary South Africans.


Activist Lorenzo Davids took to Twitter to make the appeal to politicians who have turned the SONA into a glittering state of affair in recent years.


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Here’s why Davids wants MPs to dress down (in his own words):

  1. The engulfing poverty – caused by corruption and the pandemic – seen in the lack of schools, healthcare facilities, the destruction of the lives of people through violence and the ongoing poverty cycles which destroys our human dignity – is a call to politicians to Say NO …
  2. Say NO to EXPENSIVE DESIGNER CLOTHES FOR THE OPENING OF PARLIAMENT. As citizens, we say no to millions spent by MPs on EXTRAVAGANCE and FRIVOLITY. For once identify with homeless and landless families, unemployed parents and youth and DRESS DOWN.
  3. Show us that you share the pain of the people you purport to lead. Stop parading your taxpayer funded lifestyles through these gorge fests. Show the nation that you truly understand the anger, pain and bitterness that the ordinary people feel and live with.
  4. Stop eating the proverbial cake while the rest of this country does not even have enough bread. Will we see our MPs reflecting our need as a nation – by telling us on Friday “I am standing in solidarity with our commitment to defeat poverty.”
    As MPs, you set the mood for the country. As we despise your cavalcades and your love for expensive lifestyles, so we despise what we see at SONA. That fashion display is so out of touch with the business of SONA and what should be the spirit of SONA. Please.

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