A shout out to the unsung heroes of loadshedding
A shout out to the unsung heroes of loadshedding. Photo: iStockPhoto

As South Africans reel from Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter’s explosive interview about corruption in high places (bringing SA to its knees with power cuts), it’s time to also pay tribute to those people and things that have lightened the loadshedding load. SA author, Cape Town mom, and outdoor communication consultant Kim Nicola Stephens pays tribute below…

Shout out to the unsung heroes of loadshedding

The microwave, that announces the reconnection of light and life.
The colleague who steps in seamlessly to cover a presentation with “this is my part” while your inverter kicks into action.
The random limb that braves the onslaught of mosquitoes as it exits the duvet to reduce the impact of February heat and menopause, while the fan stands dormant.
The car guard that becomes a traffic controller because saffers still don’t know how 4-way stops work.
The Sixty60 drivers with fresh milk, delivered as we pour another curdled litre down the drain.
The coffee shop owner that doesn’t hoof you out after 2 hours of ordering tea and tap water while you milk their wi-fi.
The flicker of hope from the rechargeable lightbulbs.
The reliability of Lion’s Matches* and plain old white stick candles.
Mostly, the team managing the Eskom se Push app. Mostly them.
Heroes. One and all.
– By Kim Nicola Stephens

This post is republished on SAPeople with Kim Nicola Stephen’s kind permission. Follow Kim on Facebook for more brilliant posts like this, and buy her fabulous book ‘HOLD THE LINE’ here.

* According to one Facebook user, the matches are not that reliable after all!

Screenshot from Facebook 17 Feb 2023.

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