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Beatrice Ndossi is an accomplished journalist with a bachelor's degree from Tanzania's SAUT University. She has a remarkable aptitude for using her work to express important ideas and a desire to develop exciting content in various fields. Beatrice's widely disseminated advice, which has improved many people's lives and inspired them to achieve the seemingly impossible, is evidently informed by her understanding of lifestyle issues. Her dedication to her craft has made her a rising star in the media field.
Four things that count when a South African graduate looks for work

Five tips for job seekers to crack the interview code

By Beatrice Ndossi 08-06-23 21:34

Mastering oral interviews: Thoroughly research the company, prepare common questions, showcase your unique value, demonstrate active listening, maintain professionalism. ALSO READ: WATCH: Malema warns of anarchy and looting in BBC interview Employers can evaluate your communication abilities, professionalism, and suitability for the position at the crucial part of the hiring process known as the oral interview. […]

sleep affects mental health

Six reasons why you should prioritize early sleep

By Beatrice Ndossi 07-06-23 16:02

Prioritizing early sleep has compelling benefits: improved cognition, enhanced physical health, better mood, increased energy. We must get adequate sleep if we want to be healthy in general. Even though the modern world frequently tempts us to stay up late, there are several advantages to establishing an early bedtime. In this article, we’ll look at six strong […]