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My first time in Pollsmoor Correctional Centre was in 2018, and I was sentenced to six months. While I was at A Camp, I saw a lovely lady calling people to do Restore's research classes. I decided to join the classes and afterward, I decided to go to that class every Tuesday, aiming to make a change in my life. My goal is to go to places where drug use is prevalent and tell users about tik's terrible effects. I can't blame the drug, but it makes most youngsters end up in prison.
six months in Pollsmoor

My six-month experience in Pollsmoor – Prison Journalism

By Jermaine Nomdoe 28-07-23 15:27

This article was originally published by Jermaine Nomdoe. My first time in prison, it felt like I was lost, but as time goes on, I got used to it. But then, I met two wonderful ladies who did the restorative justice classes with the inmates in prison. Then, I decided to join them. Afterwards, I […]