Saturday, July 11, 2020

Africa Needs to Seize Opportunities Created by US-China Tensions

The unfolding US-China power rivalry bears a striking resemblance to the tensions between the US and the Soviet bloc during the Cold War years. Back then,...

4 Poachers Arrested After Killing Rare Mountain Gorilla, Rafiki, in Uganda

Four alleged poachers have been arrested in Uganda for the tragic death of a rare Silverback mountain gorilla, known as Rafiki. They claim it...
prophet arrest namibia rhino poaching

Well Known Prophet and Police Officer Arrested for Poaching in Namibia

Jackson Babi, a well-known Prophet, along with a police officer attached to the Very Important Persons Protection Directorate, was amongst seven suspects arrested on...

Continent Celebrates 57th Africa Day

As the continent marks the 57th Africa Day, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, President Cyril Ramaphosa - as African Union Chair - will lead the continent’s...

Archaeology Shows How Ancient African Societies Managed Pandemics

Every so often, a pandemic emerges that dramatically alters human society. The Black Death (1347 - 1351) was one; the Spanish flu of 1918...

Newborn Zebra has Sleep-Over in Rescuer’s Bedroom

An orphaned baby zebra spent the night in its rescuer's childhood bedroom last night, as lockdown regulations and other challenges in Zimbabwe meant it...
Zimbabwe Passport repatriation from south africa wanted

Zimbabwean Nationals Ask to be Repatriated

“The last decent meal I had was a month ago … I don’t know how I will pay my rent this month,” says...
South Africa International Support

AU Bureau Calls For International Support Amid COVID-19

With an urgent need for medical supplies and equipment to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, African Union (AU) Member States have called for international cooperation...
zimbabwe coronavirus coping

Cathy Buckle: Coping with Coronavirus Zimbabwe Style

Dear Family and Friends, On an early morning emergency dash to collect supplies I was anxious about venturing out and what I would see....
ethipian airlines

1 Million Corona Test Kits from Chinese Billionaire Reach Africa

Across Africa distribution has started of over 1 million Coronavirus test kits and tons of protective clothing donated by the Chinese billionaire founder of...