Fri, Feb 3, 2023


SA Mom Publishes Book on Daughter’s Life-Threatening Allergy

SAPeople sits down its co-founder Amanda Stergianos, a “mumpreneur” (digital entrepreneur and mum to three daughters), who has just launched her first children’s book -...
South African mum turns sad life experience into a positive

South African Mom Turns Sad Life Experience into a Positive

A South African mom, who now lives in England, has decided to turn personal trauma from the past into a positive that can help...
SA’s Famous Couple Des and Dawn Memoir Launched in Johannesburg

SA’s Famous Couple Des and Dawn Memoir Launched in Johannesburg

Bravo to 'Des and Dawn' - with the booklaunch of their memoir in Johannesburg on Sunday morning… writes Georg Knoke. I say Des and Dawn...
Author Wilbur Smith Dies Unexpectedly at 88

Wilbur Smith Dies Unexpectedly at Home in Cape Town at 88

Worldwide bestselling author Wilbur Smith has died at the age of 88, at his home in Cape Town, South Africa. He had spent the...
Winnie Mandela was among key targets for disinformation by apartheid police. Mujahid Safodien/AFP via Getty Images

A Hitman’s Confessions Expose Brutality During Apartheid

A raft of confessions have been published in the past three decades chronicling the stories of white men in uniform who plied their trade...

Booker Prize: Damon Galgut’s The Promise is a Reminder of South...

This article may contain spoilers. Damon Galgut, a white South African playwright and novelist, has won the 2021 Booker Prize for his novel The Promise,...
excerpt Secrets from the Cockpit

EXCERPT Secrets from the Cockpit: “Passengers and Cowboy Flying”

In Secrets from the Cockpit, Robert Schapiro offers a rare insider’s view on life as an international pilot. Schapiro, who was a pilot for...

South African Pilot Reveals Secrets from the Cockpit in New Book

Robert Schapiro always wanted to fly, so much so that he had to rise above the challenge of anti-Semitic bullying, mockery and fierce rivalry...
World-Gone-Mad-South-African-students-book-lockdown TheConversation

South African Students Wrote ‘A World Gone Mad’ Book During Lockdown

South African student voices have largely remained unheard in formal discussions around COVID-19. A pandemic that should not be put to waste, COVID-19, on...
Review of Helen Zille’s #Stay Woke Go Broke: Why South Africa Won’t Survive America’s Culture Wars

Review of Helen Zille’s #Stay Woke Go Broke: Why South Africa...

Whatever one thinks of Helen Zille – and I think highly of her – no-one could suggest that she is behind the curve... writes...