Saturday, June 6, 2020
south africans queue alcohol bottle stores

PHOTOS: South Africans Queue for Liquor After Lockdown Alcohol Ban Lifted

It has been 9 weeks since the ban on the purchase of alcohol was announced in South Africa as part of Lockdown regulations. Filmmaker...
saa rescue solidarity court case

SAA Business Rescue Plan “Leaked” to Media Before Finalised

A business rescue plan for South Africa Airways was leaked to the media before it could be commented on by stakeholders, such as the...

How South Africa Can Best Balance Control of COVID-19 and Avoid...

There is intense pressure on the South African government to lift the lockdown and open the economy. Sustainably lifting out of the lockdown is...
south african lockdown charges criminals

Thousands of South Africans Now Have Criminal Records After Lockdown Charges

Thousands of South Africans arrested for minor infringements of lockdown rules, and forced to pay admission of guilt fines (to stay out of jail),...

Ubuntu: The Philosophy We South Africans Need to Follow Right Now

As a philanthropist rather than a psychologist I know more about people helping each other than I know about why they do it. What...

Ex-SAA Boss Dudu Myeni Declared Delinquent Director for Life

Dudu Myeni, who was chairman of the board of South African Airways for five years from 2012 and "made headline news for the wrong...

The Case for Making South Africa’s Coal Fields a Renewable Energy...

South Africa is currently one of the world’s largest carbon emitters. And it’s increasingly being viewed as a pariah that isn’t contributing as much...

Continent Celebrates 57th Africa Day

As the continent marks the 57th Africa Day, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, President Cyril Ramaphosa - as African Union Chair - will lead the continent’s...
donald-trump-donates-salary- covid 19

President Trump Donates Salary to US Health Dept for Covid Research

US President Donald Trump is donating his salary for this quarter to the US Health Department for COVID-19 research. White House press secretary, Kayleigh...

Locked In South Africans Approach Court to Urgently Leave South Africa

Locked in South Africans (#LISA) this morning (22 May) lodged papers at a Gauteng court requesting urgent court action against the South African government...