Thursday, June 4, 2020
Otters South Africa

Awesome Cape Otter PHOTOS

In early August this year we decided to take my little semi-rigid inflatable boat to a favourite area of False Bay, near Cape Point,...

Day of the Dolphins and the Tail of a Whale PHOTOS

The Mediterranean may be a playground for the rich and famous on their fabulous super-yachts...but nothing beats the sight of an ocean being used...
Flowers in Skilpad Nature Reserve

More Photos of the Incredible Wild Flowers of Namaqualand

The daisies and spring flowers in Namaqualand continue to delight...providing a visual treat for all who visit as over 3,000 different plant species blossom and...
Namaqualand Spring Flowers

Namaqualand’s Fabulous Feast of Flowers. A Visual Extravaganza.

It’s that time of the year again when the usually arid region of Namaqualand springs to life with an abundance of wild flowers that...
Car attacked by KZN elephant

Important Tips as Elephant Attacks Tourists’ Car in South Africa

Ooh la la. There were two incidents in KwaZulu-Natal yesterday with agitated elephants and English and French tourists in hired cars! Fortunately everyone has...

Excuse Me, There’s A Lion in My Tree

To celebrate the third annual World Lion Day (10 August 2015), here are some of our favourite photos of lions in Africa...chilling in trees. According...
Black Rhino mating in South Africa

Rhinos in Love…And Then He Kissed Her

With the escalating poaching of rhino causing rhino figures to tragically dwindle it's become a rare sight and privilege to view a rhino in...
Thirsty elephants, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Where There’s an Elephant, There’s A Way

When an elephant has to drink, he has to drink. And if there isn't a running river or waterhole nearby, he won't think twice...
Whale South Africa

Wild Whales on a Windy Day in SA

Dave Hurwitz from Simon's Town Boat Company captured these awesome photos of whales having a proverbial "whale" of a time two days ago. Dave told...

Find Out Which Animals Are Africa’s “Big Five”?

Everybody's heard of Africa's "Big Five"...but not everybody identifies the animals that belong in that group correctly. Ask around in your office. Most foreigners...