Fri, Dec 9, 2022

Three helicopters lifted crew one-by-one

Shipwreck in Salt Rock

A derelict ship on its way to India for scrap got pushed onto rocks off Sheffield Beach, near Salt Rock, yesterday.  The anchor chain...

President Zuma receives UK Prime Minister David Cameron

President Jacob Zuma and the UK's PM David Cameron seemed to hit it off during their joint press conference in Pretoria this week. The...

Photos of Zuma at President’s Award for Youth Empowerment

Check out the photos of President Zuma as the President's Award for Youth Empowerment. Zuma is Patron in Chief of the awards since he...

IOC Opening Ceremony at the Durban Playhouse Theatre

Check out the photos of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) opening ceremony which was held at the Playhouse Theatre in Durban on the 4th...
HSH Princess Charlene now features prominently on the Palace of Monaco's Website

Princess Charlene – the photos and the palace website!

Princess Charlene has truly arrived. After the religious ceremony this afternoon (see photos below), the official website of the royal principality of Monaco has...

Gallery: South Africa’s wildlife

Photographed by Luke Harwood South Africa is renowned for its magnificent wildlife. From the Big Five - elephant, lion, rhinoceros, buffalo and leopard - to...
Photo by Jimmy Kantor

Jimmy, the Rivonia Trial…and George Bizos’ lamb-on-the-spit

Check out this great photo from the '60s around the time of the Rivonia Trial. The photo was taken by the late James Kantor...

South African Photos

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