Sun, May 22, 2022

POEM: I Want to go Home

A poem by Faieza Mx, now living in Queensland, Australia... I want to wake up to the Majestic Table Mountain Always standing, Always there, Never failing Its...

VIDEO – Dutch Magazine features Cool Video of Cape Town

Get ready for an influx of lovely Dutch tourists who may just fall in love with Cape Town and its attractions after watching the...

SA Comedian Trevor Noah Sets the World Straight about Africa! Watch...

South African comedian Trevor Noah is using his platform as an international comedian to educate and, well, chastise the world on a few issues....

Nigerian Student Builds Solar Car from Scrap

The thing with solar-powered cars is that you can only drive them during the day. It's a problem solved by Nigerian student Segun Oyeyiola,...

China Bans Ivory Carving Imports for a Year

Initial reports that China had banned ivory imports for a year got a severe dousing later today after it was clarified that this ban...
Sick of It - South African video

VIDEO: Sick of It…Again!

Some things never change...even when people are 'sick of it'. A video uploaded almost two years ago has taken off again on social media,...
South African Grandmother Skydives to Celebrate 100th Birthday

South African Granny Makes Headlines with Skydive to Celebrate 100th Birthday

A South African great-grandmother is making headlines around the world with her 100th birthday celebrations. Footage of Georgina Harwood skydiving near Cape Town yesterday...

South African Jokes and Lightheartedness during Loadshedding!

It's the busiest time of the year, but South Africans have been experiencing extreme power outages that wreak havoc on Christmas shopping...along with all the...
South Africans try American Snacks

South Africans Try American Snacks. SA Responds to that US Video!

We watched Americans trying South African snacks (and making the cardinal sin of forgetting to dunk their Ouma Rusks in coffee!). Now South Africa...

It’s On like Biltong in the USA

South Africans have long believed that biltong is superior to beef jerky...but there's nothing as satisfying as hearing a foreigner praise our 'African jerky'! Especially when...