Sun, Apr 11, 2021

No Wonder They Found Mischief

by Allan Duff SOON AFTER arriving in South Africa as an immigrant I was sent to the judicial capital, the city of Bloemfontein, for...

The Bad Old Days in South Africa

Submitted by Astrolab When I was in the plane to reach South Africa, I was wondering what type of life I would find, what type...

Love Has No Colour Boundary

Love Story of Andre and Vanessa Submitted by Bluechip It all started a few years back. I can still remember it was a Sunday afternoon when...

A Year in Sweden

By Leigh Thorsen I've lived almost half my life outside of South Africa, and I've just changed country for the third time. Ten years in the...

The Tour de Kruger: a wild ride

By Fiona McIntosh “You’re going to cycle for five days through wild game reserves?” exclaimed my friends when I told them of the bush adventure...

A bit of a hairy date!

I had a crush on this guy for ages - he had been a friend for a long time, but there was always more...

Friday Madness

Submitted by Amanda Tsinonis, mother of three girls and one dog, living in London... At 9.30am today, I was back at my desk, ready for...