Funny South African videos including SA comedians.

ZA Moving Violations

Report on Taxi Drivers striking because of police 'discrimination' and 'harrassment'! httpvh://

Viral Video in South Africa “Hugo, Bel die Polisie” Gets its...

Barely a few days after a video of a public brawl in South Africa went viral, there's a bare-bones music video out lampooning the...

Suzelle Does a Biltong DIY VIDEO

In celebration of "Biltong Day" - which is non-existent, although Heritage Day on 24 September is also called Braai Day - Suzelle has made a...

Watch Trevor Noah with Jerry Seinfeld – The FULL Show

Here it is! The full interview between American comedic star Jerry Seinfeld and South African comedian Trevor Noah. With Seinfeld at the wheel of a white...
tswyza zanews

Tswyza “Raps” Up 2015 with Funny News Video

Even if it is a few days after New Year, it's well worth taking a look at the "Hip Hop 2015 News Wrap Up"...

SA’s funniest Jewish Xhosa comedian

Check out Nik Rabinowitz - South Africa's funniest Jewish Xhosa speaking comedian. (It's from 2008 - but still funny!) httpvh://

Before Trevor Became Famous, He Roasted Steve Hofmeyr VIDEO

In the United States they have been doing it for years, taking a night off to 'roast' - basically make fun of (in the...

Funny South African Videos

These 4 SA videos include: Mark Lottering Nandos Advert - Times Are Tough Nandos "Ramadan" Advert Cape Coloured vs White Kid Shopping httpvp://
Aaron Paul

Yo, Check out Aaron Paul Discussing his South African Safari

Even though actor Aaron Paul was exposed to a lot of surreal stuff during the filming of the popular TV series Breaking Bad, he was still blown away...
British royal wedding video

For all of us who did not get a Royal Wedding...

Get in the mood for the British royal wedding tomorrow... Watch the video below:   httpvh://   Read sapeople's interview with 'Royal Wedding Poems' creator Andrew Newman (aka The...


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