Sunday, August 9, 2020


Funny South African videos including SA comedians.

WATCH An Ingenious Way to Use Toilet Paper During Lockdown

There are many ways to spend your lockdown or quarantine time - and maybe even put that excess toilet paper you've collected to some...
South African student interviewed by local new channel

South African Student Interviewed by Local News Video Stunt

An outrageous interview with a South African student  took the internet by storm last month, receiving almost half-a-million views on YouTube within a day...

Trevor Noah: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

So is Trevor Noah making the grade as host of "The Daily Show" or not? Six months after taking over from Jon Stewart, the...

PJ Powers Stalked by South African Comedian Anne Hirsch

When South African icon, PJ Powers wanted to elevate her career to the next level - she employed stalker-to-the-stars Anne Hirsch! Well, not really....
Christmas Tree, SuzelleDIY

Tis the Season for Suzelle’s Christmas DIY VIDEOS!

South Africa's favourite DIY Goddess Suzelle is releasing four Christmas Special episodes to prepare South Africans for Christmas. She's dishing out top advice on...
zupta must fall

WATCH Sign Language Interpreters Make the Best of #ZuptaMustFall

The walkout from Parliament on Thursday night by the Economic Freedom Fighters has already got lot of attention in the media, although some people...

Watch Trevor Noah with Jerry Seinfeld – The FULL Show

Here it is! The full interview between American comedic star Jerry Seinfeld and South African comedian Trevor Noah. With Seinfeld at the wheel of a white...

Suzelle DIY Video Spoof on Zuma Renovations – Su-Zuma DIY

ZA News, the satirical puppet company in Cape Town, has created a Suzelle-type DIY video, 'Su-Zuma DIY', lampooning the controversy over Jacob Zuma's residence at Nkandla and...

If Apple’s Steve Jobs Had Come from Ventersdorp VIDEO

Just in time for the worldwide release of the highly anticipated Danny Boyle movie 'Steve Jobs', about the Apple founder, a South African version of...

Nandos Ads Make Fun of Foreigners

Check out the latest Nando ads, featuring Bra Chris and playing on the perceptions foreigners coming to the 2010 World Cup have about South...