Mon, Mar 27, 2023

Zimbabwe Vice President Returns to South Africa for Treatment – NewsDay

Zimbabwe's Vice President Constantino Chiwenga is receiving treatment in South Africa, the second time in four months, after falling ill last week, a privately...

Local Producers to Partake in German Fruit Fair

South African fruit and vegetable exporting companies will show off their wares at the upcoming Fruit Logistica Trade Fair in Germany. The trade fair will...

SA Condemns Deadly Attacks in Philippines

President Cyril Ramaphosa on Tuesday sent a message to his Philippine counterpart, Rodrigo Duterte, following the terrorist blasts in the southern Philippines. The President condemned...
blood moon

Blood Moon: Lunar Eclipse Myths from Around the World

Millions of people will have the opportunity to see a lunar eclipse – an event popularly known in the media as a “blood moon”...
Al Jazeera

6 South African TV Journalists Who’ve Gone Global

Anyone watching news reports in England, the US or Australia these days might be struck by a growing phenomenon - South African accents. More...

WATCH Ellen and the South African Couple Devoted to Wildlife

U.S. talk show host Ellen de Generes has long been known as a supporter of animal causes, and now it's African animal causes too....

After Paris, Muslims Around World Say #NotInMyName

Countless Muslims around the world are voicing their disapproval of the ISIS attacks on Paris on Friday, in which at least 129 people were...

Video Spoof: Who Wants To Be A Volunteer?

A Norwegian group has made a brilliant video spoof, highlighting the fact that stereotypes about Africa harm dignity, and calling on viewers to challenge the perceptions...

American Film Industry on Tour in South Africa

A group of Hollywood heavyweights has arrived in South Africa - looking to spend their film and TV production budgets in the country. With...

Be part of the Kony 2012 Movement

Kony 2012 is taking the internet world by storm. KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph...