Sun, Nov 28, 2021

Kiwi Video Celebrating their Chances of Winning the Rugby World Cup

The Kiwis have revamped an old song - Living Next Door to Alice - to celebrate their hosting of the Rugby World Cup...and chances...
British royal wedding video

For all of us who did not get a Royal Wedding...

Get in the mood for the British royal wedding tomorrow... Watch the video below:   httpvh://   Read sapeople's interview with 'Royal Wedding Poems' creator Andrew Newman (aka The...
Wedding Invite

A Different Way to do it…

From an email doing the rounds An old but brilliant wedding invite:  

Letters to Noah, Soccer Fans and More

From an email doing the rounds... Dear Noah, We could have sworn you said the ark wasn't leaving till 5. Sincerely, Unicorns Dear Twilight fans, Please realize that because...

Ronaldo bares almost all

OK, OK, he's not exactly South African, but he did spend a good few weeks in South Africa until Portugal were eliminated from the...

Understanding Engineers (joke email)

From an international email doing the rounds Understanding Engineers #1 - Woman vs. Bicycle Two engineering students were walking across campus when one said, "Where did...
When you thought I wasn't looking

When you thought I wasn’t looking

From an email doing the rounds. Submitted by Marie Naude. The picture is priceless, but the verse is wonderful WHEN YOU THOUGHT I WASN'T LOOKING A message...

Tom and Jen at the MTV Awards

Not South African - but just too funny to not share with South Africans! Watch about 2 minutes in when Tom Cruise (aka Les Grossman) dances with Jennifer Lopez...

Take the Test

From an email doing the rounds at the moment: Here's the new High School Exit Exam - you only need to get four correct in...

Katie Holmes’ sexy dance with Tom Cruise

Katie took to the stage for a surprise performance with Tom at a Hollywood charity gala over on Saturday evening. The 31-year-old actress serenaded...