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BetZillion`s Responsible Gambling Research 2023 Findings

Online gambling is as fun as it is addictive. This post examines key findings in behavioral patterns of gambling addicts and more.

16-10-23 13:25
BetZillion`s Responsible Gambling Research 2023 Findings: Image: Supplied

Online betting has become so popular today, thanks to mobile phone affordability and widespread ownership. Many betting sites have become accessible online, allowing players to enjoy their favorite sports and games while wagering on them. 

While many players effectively manage their activities on these betting platforms, approaching betting as leisure, others have taken it as a way of life, becoming addicted in the process. This addiction has affected several lives negatively, causing betting brands and government organizations to implement responsible gambling policies to reduce gambling addiction. 

In this post, we will offer a comprehensive summary of the BetZillion`s research findings on all responsible gambling initiatives targeted towards reducing gambling addiction for players who have become victims of their passion. Let’s begin by highlighting what gambling addiction is and how it plays out in the lives of its victims. 

What Is Gambling Addiction? 

Gambling addiction, or problem gambling, is an uncontrollable urge to gamble despite losing so much money. It’s a compulsive behavior that reflects the willingness to continue to lose money with the hope of a higher reward. It is a challenging behavioral pattern that affects all areas of life of its victims.  

It is worth noting that a player doesn’t become a gambling addict overnight. It takes several stages before it becomes a severe problem. These stages include the winning stage, the losing stage, the desperation stage, and the hopeless stage. 

The winning stage is the most exciting, where a player wins a big payout from wagering on sports or games. The losing stage, as its name suggests, is one where the player loses money from making incorrect predictions. The desperation stage is when the player keeps chasing losses with the hope of recovering lost funds, and the hopeless stage is when the player has lost too much, betting that there’s nothing more to lose.

The BetZillion`s research reveals that transitioning through these stages of problem gambling has many causes spanning economic, psychological, cultural, and environmental factors. What’s worse is that any player can become addicted to gambling. That’s why the statement below from one of the BetZillion`s partners on responsibility is valid. 

Factors such as the increasing availability of online gambling and the expansion of the gambling industry may contribute to this trend. However, effective regulation and support for individuals with gambling problems can help mitigate wagering addiction’s harmful effects.

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They at BetZillion agree to the submission above. It highlights the crucial need for all hands to be on deck to prevent players from falling into problem gambling and support those already struggling with it. The better the efforts towards broadcasting responsible gambling messages, the more aware players become about managing their betting activities. 

Personalities with Higher Chances of Becoming Gambling Addicts

The research also reveals that certain personality types have higher chances of becoming gambling addicts. They include the following: 

  • People with mental issues like anxiety and depression
  • People who are highly competitive, restless, and impulsive
  • People who started gambling at an early age
  • People who are overly invested in sports and games. 

We have sophisticated in-house developed tools that analyze player activity and assess them from an RG perspective against the known markers of harm. Also, our teams are well-trained to identify and help players potentially at risk of gambling addiction.

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Strong Measures for Reducing Gambling Addiction Among Online Bettors

While there have been concerted efforts from government organizations, gambling addiction has remained an issue for many online bettors. As a result, it’s essential to re-emphasize some of the strong measures to reduce gambling addictions among online bettors. They include: 


Self-help is a highly effective measure that helps gambling addicts overcome their addiction issues. It involves using self-isolating tools that limit or prevent accessibility to online betting sites for a duration. It is highly effective because it signals a willingness to deal with problems arising from uncontrollable gambling activities. 

Getting these tools isn’t enough to deal with problem gambling. Gambling addicts must observe absolute transparency and accountability throughout the time they’ve set for this self-isolation. It is a proven way to get the best result by observing self-help to manage problem gambling.

Players must have in mind and be aware of controlling the money they spend, making sure only to gamble money that you can afford and to avoid chasing losses… We incentivize those who think that they are getting any intentions resembling gaming addiction to contact the nearest addiction center as soon as possible.

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Getting treatment is another solid measure for tackling gambling addiction. But before you can get treatment, you must realize you’re struggling with addiction. You can achieve this realization by observing yourself for moments when: 

  • There is a constant fantasy about winning a massive payout from gambling.
  • There is a recurring urge to visit your online sportsbook to place bets with massive amounts.
  • There is an uncontrollable urge to recover accumulated losses. 
  • You are dishonest to family and friends with a gambling lifestyle. 

Once you can detect some or all of these symptoms, it’s clear that you must seek immediate help. It starts by engaging a close friend or family member about your situation and having them help create strategic plans for getting professional treatments to help you recover. 

Pathological gambling is a disorder that should be treated. As awareness among bettors grows and new generations of players are more open to accepting that they need help, we expect improvement in that field shortly.

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Joining Awareness Communities  

Several communities are working towards helping gambling addicts deal with their addictions. Joining these communities and attending their seminars, workshops, and conferences will help you solve your problem. It will also help you become an ambassador for responsible gambling to help others get the same help. 

BetZillion’s Contributions Towards Enhancing Responsible Gambling

BetZillion recognizes the need to contribute towards responsible gambling initiatives. As a result, they provide so many resources on the platform to help as many people as possible. Their crew goes the extra mile to create a responsible gambling environment for online bettors worldwide. 

Additionally, they have a team of researchers who observe and evaluate current trends, surveys, and statistics to provide their readers with authentic and expert information on responsible gambling. 

They have embarked on the extensive BetZillion`s Responsible Gambling Research endeavor to present a thorough and inclusive overview of the initiative. This research explores a wide spectrum of topics within the sports betting industry, encompassing insights into the elements that contribute to gambling addiction, personality characteristics that may heighten vulnerability to gambling addiction, prevalent misconceptions associated with problem gambling, and effective strategies for self-help and treatment. Discover more details on their website. 

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