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Things you must know before moving out. Image by Pexels

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Important things you must know before moving out

Moving out is something that most people look forward to but there’s a lot of preparation and planning that goes into it.

04-08-23 16:51
Moving out
Things you must know before moving out. Image by Pexels

Moving out of our parents’ houses or family homes is something that most people look forward to. Nothing beats that ‘independence feeling’ of not living under anyone’s rules or even doing whatever you like, whenever you like. However, certain things need to be taken into consideration before deciding to move. It’s more than just about doing whatever you like whenever you like. Are you ready to move? Let’s see.

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The first thing you need to do before deciding to move out is to budget. Ask yourself questions like “Will I be able to afford rent?”, “Can I afford to buy groceries and other necessities for the household?”. If the answer is ‘no’ then maybe you’re not ready to move out.


Moving costs are also a factor in moving out, you need to think of hiring movers/transportation and buying household essentials like furniture. This is where you have to consider the type of apartment or place you’re moving into (whether it’s furnished or unfurnished, how many rooms it has, etc).

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Knowing the kind of place you want to move to will give you some guidance on the rent. Once you’ve decided on where you’d like to move, familiarise yourself with the lease agreement. The lease agreement details the rent amount, lease duration, and the rules/restrictions. 


Utilities are a big part of moving into a new place. It goes back to budgeting, and learning how to set up electricity, water, and /or internet bills. Again, this goes back to knowing the type of apartment/place you’re moving into. Some places cover electricity and internet in the rent, while some require pre-paid electricity.

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If you want to move out of your parents’ house but you can’t afford to move out, then finding a roommate might be your best bet. Some people find it hard to share their space with other people, but it’s a starting point. Consider getting an apartment with two bedrooms and share common spaces like the kitchen, shower, and lounge. It might also help, in terms of sharing household chores.

However, discuss responsibilities, rules, and expectations with your roommate(s) beforehand.


If you’re moving to a completely different area, then you might need to familiarise yourself with the place. Give yourself time to know the nearest mall and transportation routes, and maybe meet a few new people.

Remember, moving is a process that requires planning and preparation, so take all the time you need before moving out. With proper planning and preparation, moving out will be a breeze.

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