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Heading to the beach for a winter beach day? Image: canva

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Four tips to plan the perfect winter beach day

Planning a beach day in beautiful South Africa this winter? Here are a four top tips to help you have the best day ever…

15-06-24 20:01
beach day
Heading to the beach for a winter beach day? Image: canva

Having a beach day in the middle of winter, even in sunny, mild South Africa, is definitely do-able, it may just require a little bit of planning and preparation ahead of time. Here are four tips…

1. Choose the best beach for your beach day

Choosing a great beach in South Africa isn’t exactly hard to do, given the abundance of beautiful coastal offerings the country has to offer.

If you’re along the east coast of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban has some wonderful beaches and with its warm, subtropical climate, the beaches are warm enough for swimming even in winter.

If you’re in the Eastern Cape, beaches like Port Elizabeth and Jeffreys Bay are less crowded but still very enjoyable.

The Western Cape has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and if you’re in Cape Town, beaches such as Camps Bay and Clifton can be sunny and stunning even on a cooler day.

2. Check the weather forecast

Might be a bit of an obvious one, but always check the weather forecast before you plan your beach day.

Look for a sunny day with minimal wind and aim for midday hours when temperatures are at their highest.

3. Dress appropriately for your beach day

It’s also important to dress appropriately when heading out on your winter beach day. Try wearing a few layers to adjust to changing temperatures, so you’re able to remove them if necessary. Include a windbreaker or a light jacket. Be sure to also bring swimwear along in case the weather warms up, but have dry clothes to change into.

beach day
Dress appropriately. Image: canva

4. Pack Essential Items

Ensure you pack all your essential items for a winter beach day. These include sun protection like sunscreen, hats and sunglasses which are still are necessary even in winter. Bring extra towels and warm blankets for sitting and staying warm or chairs or beach mats to add comfort and keep you off the cold sand. And don’t forget some warm beverages, like a thermos with hot drinks such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Keep warm with something hot to drink. Image: canva