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The latest update. Image: George Municipality

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Ramaphosa offers condolences to people affected by George tragedy

President Ramaphosa extends condolences to families affected by George building collapse, sympathising with those who lost loved ones.

08-05-24 09:42
george building collapse rescue
The latest update. Image: George Municipality

President Cyril Ramaphosa has extended condolences to the families affected by the tragic building collapse in George, offering sympathies to those who lost loved ones and the individuals still trapped beneath the rubble.

With the collapse already claiming seven lives by Tuesday night, the President’s sentiments reflect a nation mourning the loss and rallying around the ongoing rescue efforts.


In a statement released by the Presidency, President Ramaphosa conveyed his deep sorrow, stating, “President Cyril Ramaphosa offers his deep condolences to the relatives and friends of five people who have died in an incident where a building collapsed in George in the southern Cape. The President’s thoughts are with the families who have lost loved ones as well as the families of close to 50 people who are trapped in the rubble.”

The Presidency issued the statement when the death toll stood at five, but it has since risen to seven.

The rescue operations, spearheaded by a collaborative effort involving various stakeholders and emergency personnel, continue tirelessly. Premier Alan Winde, alongside other officials, provided updates on the situation, emphasising the gravity of the tragedy and the imperative to save lives

Premier Winde expressed his condolences, saying, “I want to express my most sincere condolences to the families and colleagues of the victims of the building collapse tragedy in George. My thoughts are with them during this exceptionally difficult time. Our priority right now is saving lives.”

He further commended the emergency personnel involved in the operation, acknowledging their bravery and unwavering commitment. With 111 emergency personnel currently engaged in the rescue efforts, supported by volunteers and civil society groups, the collective endeavour underscores a unified response to the crisis.


As the rescue operations persist, the Premier urged the public to afford authorities the necessary time and space to conduct their duties effectively.

“I urge the public to allow authorities the time and space to carry out the operation. All available resources have been deployed, with assistance provided by numerous municipalities and role players. Further resources will be made available if and when they are required,” said the Premier.

According to the latest update from George Municipality, 33 patients have been removed from the rubble of the collapsed multi-story construction site, leaving 42 persons unaccounted for.

Despite the challenges, hope remains as more individuals are rescued from the George building collapse. However, with 42 persons still unaccounted for, the ordeal is far from over.