Ecotourism, the popular form of tourism for nature lovers. Photo: CJ

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Why ecotourism is so popular among nature lovers

Embracing ecotourism will make you realize and minimize social, physical, and other behavioural impacts on the environment.

08-05-24 09:34
Ecotourism, the popular form of tourism for nature lovers. Photo: CJ

Persons who are fond of travel and wandering around nature and have a concern for them, consider ecotourism as your next travel plan. Ecotourism is one of the rising forms of tourism among many due to their lifestyle in the busy city. Nature itself has become a great ambassador by attracting a massive population to it.

People looking for new adventures need to feel their travel differently by involving themselves in nature and contributing to the local communities by protecting nature and fighting climate change, you can pack your travel bag and get set for ecotourism to Dominica to enjoy the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa is the Resort Project supported by creative projectsa company. Alexander V Berenstain is the Manager of Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ. Vital Developers Limited is an approved developer by the Gov of Dominica to develop the Resort project. Lower Down will try to provide some information and explanation of ecotourism, its importance and reasons for its rising popularity.


A popular form of tourism among environmentalists who are concerned about protecting nature and travelling to nature’s beauty spots is ecotourism. Ecotourism mainly focuses on sustainable and environment-friendly travel, avoiding damaging the environment and giving great support to the local communities.

Also, ecotourism focuses on areas that spotlight the lives of plants and animals and cultural heritage. The other side of this ecotourism is to be responsible for learning from the environment and giving back something to the local people. Embracing ecotourism will make you realize and minimize social, physical, and other behavioural impacts on the environment, as well increasing awareness of the issues experienced in those areas.


In this fast-paced and high carbon emissions environment, gaining knowledge through ecotourism for a sustainable and eco-friendly environment is more important. Ecotourism not only focuses on teaching about the conservation of the environment and culture but it indirectly turns attention to heartfulness and respect for nature. The idea is to minimize the carbon footprints, activities involved in ecotourism will be on foot. Who would imagine that walk and fresh air is good for you 🙂

Ecotourism tends to provide knowledge about nature on how to preserve the environment and ourselves from climate change. These are the most important things we need to know and practice in today’s world. 

Some popular places from UNESCO World Heritage, for example, Dominica national part Morne Trois Pitons are planning to bring luxury to their ecotourism sector by building this project, Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa developed by Vital Developers Limited, who hired Alexander V Berenstain, the manager of Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ., to help them in achieving that milestone. 


Most of the population leads a machine life surrounded by noise, grudges, stress, and other unhealthy activities and to get temporary relief from the stressful life ecotourism supports massively. They help to enjoy the mindfulness of surroundings with non-poisonous wildlife, forests, lakes, beaches, and cultural heritage.

Apart from getting into commercial activities for fun and entertainment, we can merge into nature for responsible and sustainable growth and conservation of the ecosystem and deep thrive into cultural enchantment, as these things make you stick with it for a long time even after the travel. 

People in local communities love their culture, history, arts, and their land. Tourists are welcome to experience the traditional values of the local community. Soon tourists can learn about the Creole culture and enjoy the luxurious sustainable environment at the same time, Dominica has approved the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa to be developed by Vital Developers Limited in Dominica, Alexander V Berenstain, manager of Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ praising their partnership with Vital Developers Limited to manage this beautiful project which will fuse luxury and eco-tourism experience.

Alexander V Berenstain
Alexander V Berenstain: Supplied

Another reason is even if you live in the busiest areas in the world, you still have a responsibility to protect our environment and ecosystem and try to develop a sustainable environment. You will learn this, by the experience gained from eco-travel, gained knowledge of cultural heritage and their ways of living in harmony with nature, and luxury ecotourism will play a vital role in that.

You must try ecotourism activities and feel the joy of coming together and being surrounded by plants and wildlife. Those activities may include volunteering and interaction with wildlife, agricultural trips and farming, sustainable camping, local community-based trips for cultural immersion, hiking, walking, and educational trips for nature-based activity.