SABC bans Da burning flag ad
The SABC has asked the DA to amend its advert for the upcoming elections. Image: X/@our_da.

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SABC bans DA’s ‘burning flag’ election advert

The SABC has asked the DA to amend its election advert (which the party says has over four million views) before it can be broadcast.

10-05-24 11:02
SABC bans Da burning flag ad
The SABC has asked the DA to amend its advert for the upcoming elections. Image: X/@our_da.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) says it will fight the SABC’s decision to ban its advert for the upcoming elections to the highest court. 

The DA advert, which depicted the burning of the South African flag, was heavily criticised, and the government is considering taking action against the opposition party. 


On Thursday, 9 May, the SABC said it had been monitoring the outcry from South Africans of all races who condemned the advert. 

“Likewise, the SABC believes that the advertisement encourages damage of treasured national symbols. The national flag is a symbol that represents diverse elements of the country and national unity. 

“Additionally, it is expected that the national flag should be accorded with dignity and respect. Thus, the flag represents not a political party, but the nation at large,” SABC complaints specialist Nyiko Shibambo said.

In making the decision, Shibambo said they also factored in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s condemnation of the advert and other government departments. 

Ramaphosa said he believes this depiction is desperate, inciteful and undermines the principles of democracy and unity in the midst of the national celebration of 30 years of freedom.

“All South Africans should deplore this abuse of our national flag for party political purposes. Our flag is a symbol of identity, integrity and unity that we fly with a pride and consciousness that transcends party political interests.

“Our flag holds profound significance for the nation as it represents the hard-won freedoms and peace achieved through historical struggles against injustice,” Ramaphosa said.

“As a responsible broadcaster, the SABC will not want to be part of fuelling the outrage evident on divergent media platforms. The SABC persuades the DA to amend the advertisement,” Shibambo added. 

Following the decision, DA leader John Steenhuisen said deployed ANC cadres at the SABC have banned the DA’s latest advertisement from the air to hide the truth of how the ANC has burnt our country to the ground. 

“The DA will fight to the highest court in the land to defend our constitution,” Steenhuisen affirmed. 

“This censorship is not only a clampdown on dissent but also provides a foretaste of the assault on our flag that will come under an ANC/EFF Doomsday Coalition. Banning our ad reinforces its message: that our constitutional democracy will burn unless millions vote DA,” he insisted.