SAPS on-duty officer shopping
The South African Police Service (SAPS). Image: SAPS @SAPolice Services

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SAPS contact details for every national police station

Here is more information on the SAPS should you need to contact them to report a crime, request information or to report a missing persons.

27-03-24 15:08
SAPS on-duty officer shopping
The South African Police Service (SAPS). Image: SAPS @SAPolice Services

The South African Police Service (SAPS) is the country’s first line of defense and mediation.

You can contact them to report crimes, request information, or list missing persons. The Police Service can also certify documents, and they provide clearance certificates.

Know your local SAPS.

Sometimes, it’s faster to contact your local station first.

Do you know your closest station’s number?

It could be dangerous if you don’t.

Here’s where to contact every station in SA.


The SAPS hosts the National Station List on their website.

It lists each police station with its e-mail address and number.

The list is a central place to find all police stations. Your closest and second-closest SAPS are important to know.

Call and ask for the right person or department.

Emergency numbers direct to your closest station.


The right emergency numbers are: 10111 or 112.

Both numbers reach the national call centre. You can get in touch with ambulance and fire services through the same numbers.

Call again for dropped calls.

Dropped calls can happen because of signal or misdirected calls.

You should only call emergency numbers for an emergency. Calling emergency numbers without a reason is illegal.


Know your local station.

Crime is somewhere in every neighborhood. You could be wasting valuable time if you don’t know your local station’s contact information.

Their website also maintains a Missing Persons List. You can find missing persons reports and details on this page.

Yes, there’s also a Most Wanted List for criminals and warrants.

Remember: there’s no waiting period to report someone as missing. You can file a missing persons report immediately.


Have you ever wanted to work for the police?

Careers in SAPS are perfect for many South Africans making a difference.

You can view active career listings at this page. Beware job listings from social media websites, and only apply through official and verified links.

Some jobs offer training.

Not all jobs require existing qualifications.

You could be the next dedicated officer.


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