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Welcome to SAPeople

HIGHLIGHTS this week include: interviews with SAReunited co-founder Amanda Tsinonis and wildlife photographer Chris Brunskill; photos of the sparkling new South African soccer stadiums and Durban’s Paradise Spoilt. Check out our featured bloggers from New York, Durban, London, Tanzania, Australia, Johannesburg, and Los Angeles. A big WELCOME plus more behind-the-scenes news from the Editor…

06-10-19 11:10

Welcome to SAPeople. This is very much in BETA mode but please feel free to start using the site and having as much fun as you can! Registration is absolutely FREE and gives you access to posting comments and sending in your own stories, photos and videos. On SAPeople – you can celebrate South Africa and being South African or rant about anything that’s bugging you. This site really is for you – for all South Africans, anywhere and everywhere. Let’s come together, let’s share, let’s live our best lives.

We’d love to hear from you and start populating the site with all your fabulous content.

Remember to check out our Featured Bloggers in the New York, London, JHB section:

Ted Botha in New York
Wendy Knowler in Durban
Grant Bushby in London
Melanie Walker in Johannesburg
Caren Banks in Los Angeles