Nandos Ads Make Fun of Foreigners

By SAPeople 02-01-21 17:23

Check out the latest Nando ads, featuring Bra Chris and playing on the perceptions foreigners coming to the 2010 World Cup have about South Africa: All South Africans carrying baggage on their heads. (C’mon guys – do it for your country!): All South African men have many wives. (And again…c’mon guys – do it for […]

South African Adverts

By SAPeople 25-02-10 18:06

Check out these South African ads: Cremora (It’s Not Inside – It’s Onnnnn Top!) – South African version: httpvh:// Cremora (It’s Not Inside – It’s Onnnnn Top!) – original version: httpvh:// Castrol Oil Ad httpvh:// Mrs Balls Ad (for all those South African expats who miss Mrs Balls!) httpvh:// I Wanna Be a Simba Chippie […]