Springbok SA Special
Photo: X / Mike Abel

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Mike Abel: Our Boks represent the very best of what makes SA truly special

“They give us a glimmer and belief in what our country could be… if we played as one team…”

Springbok SA Special
Photo: X / Mike Abel

There’s something about watching the Springboks that unites our nation in a way that makes us believe that dreams can come true; and every try – even every try for a try – sees our spirits soaring with hope for something more than just more points on the scoreboard. Mike Abel, Founder & Exec Chairman of M&C Saatchi Abel and SA Group, has articulated exactly what it is in a post on social media that’s fast going viral. With Mike’s kind permission, here’s the post:

“Our Boks don’t just represent our rugby talent as a country, they represent the very best of what makes South Africa truly special 🇿🇦

“The individual players’ triumph over adversity. The non-racial beauty of their team spirit. The never give up mentality. The tenacity and determination. The characters and their quirks.

“They give us just a glimmer and a continued belief in what our country could be. If we played as one team.

“If excellence mattered and putting the best people in the right positions to play together and to win, together.

“The Bokke are in every way, not just representatives of our finest moments, but emblematic of our Nation’s potential 💚💛🇿🇦🏉

“And the fans who support them, us, also come together as one fan base, to support one team. Individually and collectively.

“May they continue to inspire our country to aim higher. To push further. To tackle the issues that need tackling. And to persevere until we win 🙏🇿🇦❤️

Hundreds of social media users have liked the post and agreed with Mike, imploring him to show this post to the politicians “who think they own SA”.

Other top comments have included:

Sudhashen Naicker: “Shows us what we can achieve when we band together with our famous South African spirit.”

Riad laher: “Agreed. Though we shud not forget that it was a battle to get talented players of colour into teams. So actually the story is about excellence but also about being truly committed to uplifting those who didn’t have the opportunity. U can do both.”

Debs: “It all started with great inspiring leadership. @RassieRugby maestro and maverick was the foundation this #BokMagic is built upon. He gave the young men the belief in themselves and belief in the spirit of stronger together.”

Andre: “Despite what toxic social media says, most hardworking, average South Africans just want a better future for their kids. We stand together in our love for our country.”

GV: “If only we could all unite the way our brilliant Bokke have. We would be unstoppable as a country.”

Supreme: “The Springboks are like the Avengers of South Africa, but instead of fighting Thanos, they’re battling historical inequality, social division, and oh, just a tiny bit of international competition.”

Jayshree Pillaye: “I was reflecting on this. Watched play on TV and thought I cannot believe that the apartheid game has brought a sense of nationhood to all #SouthAfrica. The #teamspirit was so inspiring”

Kevin: “it wasn’t always like this though … it required a leadership to focus on the right things and everything happened from there.”