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Top countries to visit during the Eid holidays 2024

Prepare to rejoice in the most awaited festival of the year, Eid! It’s a time for celebration, introspection, and indulging in a grand feast.

25-03-24 12:27
Top countries to visit during the Eid holidays 2024 Image: Canva

Grab your new clothes and get ready to celebrate the most anticipated festival of the year; Eid! A time for celebration, reflection, and a big feast is just around the corner, and now the question is, are you ready to pull up your bag of joy and spend an amazing time with your loved ones? If you have chosen us as your tour guide, there is no way we are letting you spend the holidays at home. Prepare yourself for an adventure like never before, and feel your nerves race up and down! 

If you are still scratching your head about which new country to explore, we have your back! Keep reading, as we are about to start a virtual journey to different parts of the world!

Seatbelts on? Let’s go!

Enjoy the tradition and modernity In Turkey

This country is a perfect blend of rich history and stunning buildings. It is a beautiful place that enchantingly mixes Eastern and Western cultures, making it an ideal location for travelers. During Eid, cities like Istanbul have lively celebrations, music, and colorful markets. 

You can visit famous places like the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, try Turkish food, and enjoy the amazing views of the Bosphorus Strait.

Explore the street parties Of Morocco

Morocco, with its amazing mix of European and Arabian cultures, makes a wonderful place to visit for those who are out there exploring something unique and very special. The country gives you a special cultural experience during Eid with its lively street parties, detailed buildings, and busy marketplaces. 

Go to exciting Marrakech city, walk around the maze-like streets of the old town, and admire the beauty of the Sahara Desert. Make sure to try real Moroccan food and buy souvenirs in the busy markets.

Intake the beautiful scenery in Malaysia

Malaysia has lots of different cultures, beautiful scenery, and tasty food that you can enjoy. During the festival, visit different local cities for fun parades, beautiful mosques, and yummy Malay food.

 You can also visit Langkawi for pretty islands or go to Penang to relax on nice beaches during your Eid holiday.

Get the taste of Balinese celebration in Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful place with amazing nature and lots of history. Go to Bali for Eid, where you can chill on beautiful beaches, visit old temples, and join in Balinese celebrations. 

You can also check out the fun parties in Seminyak or go on a cool jungle trip in Ubud for a super fun Eid holiday.

Get a sun tan at the beaches of Spain

Walk around the pretty Barcelona streets, admire Gaudi’s amazing buildings, and enjoy the tasty dishes the place has to offer. Join in the lively Eid celebrations in places like Madrid or chill out on the sunny beaches for a great holiday. 

The spot is crazy famous among travelers due to its wide range of offerings and a perfect balance between nature, tradition, and modern life.

South Korea, land of the morning calm:

This dazzling country carries an amazing history and gives you both, modern sky-high buildings and villages as old as time. If you decide to visit this country, make sure you go to the capital, Seoul, and Busan after that. 

Moreover, you can also visit Jeju Island if you wish to experience some adventure and spend quality time in nature. The country also has fun museums like, the Teddy Bear Museum, etc.

Explore the best of Asia in Singapore

Singapore is a city known for its beautiful buildings, exciting nightlife, and lots of different kinds of food. The place is known to be one of the best places if you wish to have a true Asian experience. 

You can have fun celebrating Eid in Singapore with colorful markets, shows that celebrate different cultures and yummy halal food. There are awesome places you can check out like the famous Gardens by the Bay, various islands, and Marina Bay Sands. It’s a fantastic spot to have a super fun holiday!

UAE, a land where celebrations begin

During Eid, if you are not in an Arab country, there is definitely something big you’re missing. Let us tell you that the Eid-Al-Fitr celebration in Dubai is like global talk! The city of never-ending luxuries lets you enjoy the Eid holidays in a totally unique way. 

Whether you wish to enjoy the day shopping, having some mountain adventure, or relaxing on the beach with your family, the place has it all!

Jordan, a pure mix of fun and knowledge

This Middle Eastern country invites you on an Eid adventure like never before! The place is very famous for its religious and tourist sights, making it heaven for those who love to discover new cultures. 

This location will help you enjoy your holidays while educating yourself on Middle Eastern heritage. And, while you are at it, don’t forget to try their famous cuisine with your family.

Maldives, where romance flows with the water

A true paradise for nature lovers, the Maldives is like a dream vacation spot because it has beautiful beaches, clear water, and fancy hotels. It’s great to have a chill Eid holiday. 

You can spend your time swimming with colorful coral reefs, getting pampered at the spa, and having dinner under the stars on quiet islands. Whether you want a romantic getaway or just some peace, the Maldives is the perfect place for Eid.

Pack up for a real adventure

As the festival gets closer, it’s time to explore some of these top destinations for an unforgettable travel experience. Whatever you like, whether it is seeking a new culture, having some adventure, or just relaxing under the starry night, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during this festive season. 

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