SANParks free week
SANParks free week. Photo: iStockPhoto

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SANParks launches its 2023 FREE Access week

If you’re in SA, check out one of the country’s fabulous national parks this week…

SANParks free week
SANParks free week. Photo: iStockPhoto

If you’re a nature lover, don’t miss the opportunity this week to enter one of South Africa’s national parks for a free day visit!

South African National Parks (SANParks) – in partnership with TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa and First National Bank (FNB)- opened the 18th annual SANPARKS Week in Pretoria on Saturday (16 Sep), with Environmental Minister Barbara Creecy doing the honours.

The special week ends next Sunday (24 Sep). Specific dates can be found here:

The free week gives everyone, particularly the communities beside the parks, an opportunity to get a great understanding of the importance of conservation. SANParks CEO Hapiloe Sello says: “The role of communities in our efforts to protect our parks is of vital importance.”

SANParks recently embarked on the SANParks Vision 2040 project which in part is about cultivating a collective sense of community, healing, and inspiration that resonates with all South Africans.

This SANParks week is also an opportunity to showcase South Africa’s national parks as affordable local holiday destinations that offer unique experiences for families and individuals from all backgrounds to enjoy. The free access to the parks does not include accommodation or any commercial activities in the park.

SANParks started this campaign in 2006. “Come and experience our parks and enjoy SA National Week as it is for all South Africans. This is your heritage, explore it, learn from it and love it,” says Sello.

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