WATCH Amazing Performance of Toto’s Africa by ‘Angels’

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Watch one of the best cover versions of Toto’s Africa ever performed…

Using a unique intro – the kind that will make you want to rub your hands together! – the Angel City Chorale, from Los Angeles. recorded this video at least two years ago…but it has recently gone viral again on social media. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch above or below…

Watch Video: Africa – Angel City Chorale

It’s not the first time Africa has been performed in this way. Perpetuum Jazzile, a vocal group from Slovenia, performed this version at Vokal Xtravaganzza in October 2008. The arranger was Tomaž Kozlevčar.

Watch Video: Africa – Perpetuum Jazzile

And now watch the original by Toto…

Watch Video: Toto – Africa, the official video

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