Charlize Theron

Instead of bringing you yet another paparazzi picture of Charlize Theron looking ‘gaunt’, leaving the gym or buying a diet shake (wow – is she being harrassed or what by the paps since breaking up with Stuart Townsend), here’s some news of the good work that Charlize does without much fanfare AND which you can help her with…

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron visits Africa

South Africa’s beautiful Oscar-winner has donated $50,000 to help build a foster home for impoverished children in  South Africa.

Her organisation The Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP) has joined forces with Citizen Effect to build a foster home for orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children, with Home from Home, in Cloetesville.

Citizen Effect will be recruiting a team of Citizen Philanthropists to match Charlize’s donation. And that’s where YOU come in.

Charlize would love it if people like you and me joined forces with them to help empower Africa’s children and have a positive impact on their lives. Anyone can become a citizen philanthropist. Students. Housewives. Businessmen.

“We’re excited to help the children of Cloetesville live healthy, productive lives, but we cannot do it alone,” says Charlize. “Join Citizen Effect and CTAOP today and double the impact we will have on these very talented children.”

In a letter on Citizen Effect’s website Charlize says: “South Africa was a great place to grow up and it is very close to my heart…It is always an eye-opening experience when I visit rural communities in South Africa and realize that the things we take for granted – water, food, education – are daily struggles for millions of people.”

Charlize believes that “having a place to call home, a place where you belong, is priceless” and asks all those who can to give whatever you can, even if you only send two dollars.

Currently, over a third of Cloetesville’s residents are unemployed and live in over-crowded informal housing. This has led to widespread substance abuse, domestic violence, and HIV among families.

The result is that Cloetesville children are often exposed to abuse and neglect or sent to institutions far away from their home.

Charlize’s project will provide six Cloetesville children with the chance to grow up in a loving home with a stable and loving foster mother. These children will receive medical care, education and a shot at a normal childhood.

Charlize implores you to become a Citizen Philanthropist for this project and “ensure that 6 children can overcome the trauma they have experienced and grow as inspiring examples for their community!”

Watch Charlize’s message (warning: she pronounces her surname wrong!):


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