Curvy Kelly in Cape Town

British model, actress, television presenter, Playboy model and swimwear designer Kelly Brook has just celebrated opening her new Tumblr account by posting pics of herself in Cape Town.

Kelly Brook on the beach in Cape Town
Hello Cape Town...Pic Source: Tumblr

Well, actually, she posted pics of herself languishing in Mykonos, the Algarve, Malibu, Brazil, Nekker Island…

“I travel a lot,” the 32-year-old, who’s famous for her curves, quipped on Twitter.

The images are from shoots she did in various locations over the past year.

So if you’d like to see more shots of monokini-clad Kelly (32) and her ab-tastic boyfriend Thom Evans, you canĀ view them on Tumblr.

As Kelly says: “It’s scary sharing pics but it’s a glimpse into my real life at work and at home.” Glimpse away…

Kelly Brook on the beach in Cape Town
Looking for your next exotic location? Monokini-clad Kelly designs her own swimwear range. Pic Source: Tumblr