Snow Doubt…There’s Snow on Table Mountain Today

After weeks of waiting, and days of speculation…some brave, bare-cheeked hikers proved there truly is snow on Table Mountain today, posting a couple of “cheeky” pictures on Facebook.

In fact the social media website was “snowed under” with pictures of Cape Town’s famous landmark covered in snow, with the team from NoDangerDiaries creating the biggest headlines. Here are just some of those Table Mountain snow photos featured on Facebook today…see links below to view more pictures.

Snow on Table Mountain
Bare-cheeked hikers prove there’s snow on Table Mountain today. Source: Facebook
Snow on Table Mountain
Not to shy to show their faces either! Celebrating snow on Table Mountain! Source: Facebook
Awesome view of the mountain today. Source: Facebook
We think this is Ryan Sandes…who posted the following comment: “What to do in Cape Town on a Friday afternoon ? Go build a snowman on-top of Table Mountain …”
Another awesome photo from the NoDangerDiaries crew (see their link below).
View more pictures at the Table Mountain website (see below)
Snow work today! View more pictures at the Table Mountain website (see below)



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